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THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING-Making Big Things Happen this 2011.

8 years ago | 2839 Views

Now that October is almost over, it's time to think about what you want to accomplish in November or, perhaps, December as well. Setting short-term goals can go along way to making big things happen. Here is a quick tip from this month's Success Magazine:


According to columnist Mel Robbins, you should set goals that make you want to take action towards achieving them. She states, "Once you set your goal and figure out how to measure your progress, you've got to create a plan of execution." How many times do you set a goal but don't figure out the exact steps you need to take?

Here are 3 steps from Ms. Robbins:


  1. 1. Be realistic when you look at what's required
  2. 2. Make a list of the action steps for this week only
  3. 3. Identify at least two tasks you can delegate or get advice on, then pick up the phone and ask for help

Perhaps when you ask for help you can get an outsider's perspective that can help you see ways of action and specific steps to take that you may not have come up with; it also can give you accountability to complete those steps.

Sit down this week and write out some executionable goals to make November great. Make it a great week!

Join me, Dr. Sithembile Stem Mahlatini this Saturday October 29 during the Motivational Movement for a memorable motivational moment, “THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING” at  9-11GMT 4-6pm USA Eastern Standard.





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