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8 years ago | 3719 Views

GUEST FOR TODAY Mr Carl D. Rhowe Founder Men Who Listen was a hit with all our  listeners male and female, because of his genuiness, well thought answers and OH YES! his voice and charm to the ladies.


Below is a summary of some of Mr. Rhowe’s answers.  By POPULAR DEMAND Mr. Rhowe will join us again on the Motivational Movement at during an upcoming date in the near future.  Listen and Look out for broadcast dates.

Question 1.

1.      What does a date mean to the average single man ? Why does he go out on multiple dates with different women. And better yet, Why does he still have wandering eyes when he out with that one. I guess it all boils down to this question, Is a single man ever content with one woman?

 Answer: A date to a single man is perceived the same as a single woman perceives it. It is that opportunity to see if there is interest in the person past the when the two met. Men normally can decide what kind of relationship, if any, it will be based off the interaction of the first date. As for wandering eyes, are the eyes flirting or are they observing? There is a difference. A single man can definitely be content with one woman if she can get and keep his attention. This means getting & keeping his attention mentally & emotionally.

2.     When a guy first meets a woman…why does he feel the need to promise her the world when all she wants is a good conversation and to try to get to know him……. Not what he has?

Answer: The men that do that believe that most women are materialistic and try to charm them with “the world”. Truth is, most women appreciate stimulating conversation and find that far more attractive. It’s okay to let the guy know that material things don’t interest you and that you are interested in the “REAL” him and not his possessions.

3.     What makes a man do right? Is it a good woman? Not necessarily, cause I know I’m a good woman and I’m alone. And you know I have a guy who keeps calling me his friend and only calls me when he wants a good time. No we are not having sex. People use sex as the gauge so often, but what happens when there is no sex? How do I know if he’s into me. How do I know if I am wasting my time? Should I try to seduce him to see if that’s what he waiting on What?????

Answer: Well you have several questions that I will address. First, a man does right by a woman he appreciates and values. Being a “good woman” isn’t enough. Men often have to feel fortunate or lucky to have you.
Second, before you consider if he’s into you. Do you know whether you are into him? If not, relax and enjoy the friendship. If so, then nothing beats communication. Initiate a conversation of the possibility of a relationship without showing all your cards. Sounds like your friend does identify you with a good time that’s not sexual. So you may have a solid foundation to build from. None of it is wasting your time. The time spent reveals the “Yaa or Naa” of your future with him. So keep it positive. The seduction idea may only complicate things for you, not him.


4.     Why do some Men feel like they can live any kind of way in front of their boys and expect them to grow up to be anything to be desired by a REAL Woman. Or perhaps  it’s the “do as I say, not as I do” syndrome. But is that really possible when most boys want to be just like their daddy. This usually includes his walk, talk, and even down to the way he dresses. If you listen close enough you’ll even hear daddy’s slang come out in junior’s conversation…SMH Come on men be for real….


Answer:  First, I’m pretty sure most men don’t consciously misbehave in front of their boys. Second, some may believe in the “do as I say, NOT as I do” cliche. However I do believe that some forget that what goes along with the “LEAD by example” cliche is the “KEEP a child in a child’s place” cliche. It is possible for a man to do the adult things he wants to do as long as he remembers to do them in the absence of his young son. Sometimes this is just an indication of maturity. Just like some women aren’t ready for parenthood, the same is true for some men. The ability to make a child doesn’t qualify a man or a woman to be an instantly competent parent.


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