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Out of Desperation...

8 years ago | 2242 Views
Out of desperation

When you're desperate to do something, the best thing to do is to wait.
Wait until you can transform the desperation into a more positive force.

Decisions made out of desperation are weak and ill advised. Acting out
of desperation will very likely magnify and extend your desperate

Step back from the situation. Take the time and care to change the
negative energy of desperation into a compelling, positive sense of

Do not focus on running away from the way things are. Instead, put
your attention and energy into creating the life you want to live.

Whatever you most intensely and consistently hold in your mind, you
will manifest in your life. So keep your mind filled with positive,
meaningful visions.

If desperation takes hold, know that you can quickly, naturally and
effectively transform that desperation. Transform it into commitment,
determination and the positive actions that will make your world even
better than before.
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